Sibillian Masterpieces

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27 March 2018


“To show MARCHE” is a project in charge of promoting the art and territory of this amazing region of Italy. The city of Macerata will guest an excellent show of Lorenzo Lotto, wonderful interpreter of the Reinassance in Venice. With an international partnership such as Prado and National Gallery’ exhibitions, all Lotto works will be then collected and exposed in Marche: his adoption place. Celebrating the connection with this territory for the first time from the Polyptych of Recanati up till the late Loreto productions, the show highlight his genius loci.

Milan, thanks to the development of a future useful net of Sibillian Museums, offers a powerful show, curated by Sgarbi with masterpieces from ‘500, ‘600 e ‘700, saved and coming from the terrible distruction of churches and museums in the area, due to the recent earthquakes.
56 works coming from these deteriorated lands, are on show in the Diocesan Museum till the 30th June 2018, highlighting a neverending voyage in beauty among these lands whose nature, art, culture never stop to bewitch.
Magic place, was already cradle for Raffaello Sanzio, Giacomo Leopardi and Gioachino Rossini and from the Urbin Court gave birth to Reinassance.
Masterpieces of Perugino, Simone de Magistris, Crivelli, lo Spadino, Corrado Giaquinto, still perfect works, saved from the seism and destruction are now visible to all.
At the entrace a voluptuous, stout, beautiful blond the Giaquinto’s (Magician) Maga, with a wizard’s wand in one hand and surrounded by other instruments of power such as the pentacle, books and a skull, welcome visitors.
This painting, caming from the Pinacoteque Duranti di Montefortino with many occult and esoterict innuendo, is problably portraing Circe o Medea. Another amazing painting is Perugino’s Christ of Passion and Antoniazzo Romano’s St. Catherine. The poplar painting Mystic wedding of St. Catherine (1480) from Ghirlandaio’s followers, comes from, together with the Pierpalma da Fermo fresco’s, Madonna del latte, the Pinacoteque Sipione Gentili di San Ginesio, another collection affected by the seism.                                                                   Also the altarpiece La pietà e i santi Bartolomeo, Sebastiano, Rocco e Ginesio from Simone de Magistris, amazing manierist follower of Lorenzo Lotto deserves attention.            
There was yet another misterious, alchemist, esoterist such as Lotto was. In the epoch of curiositas among 15Th and 16Th century there is a man who breaks the century in two.                
Keen on mathematics and architecture, his esoteric studies, his sensibility devastates banality. Born in 1471, Albert Dürer is in Palazzo Reale, Milan with an excellent show till the end of June.
He was a humanist, mathematician, superb painter with a metodic brilliant brain which highlighted nature and its details. The artist is in dialogue with the great Italians and German who transformed him: from Bellini to Aldorfer, from Hans Baldun Grien, to Cranach. Not possible to miss it.
Finally in Rome you can’t lose Paris Bordon, Raffaello, Bronzino, Palma il Giovane, Pietro da Cortona, Giambologna, Jacopo Bassano o Lavinia Fontana, whose works before in storage in Accademia di San Luca, are now reborn, resurrected and brought in an exhibition in Perugia.
In 1593, this useful year, Federico Zuccari founded SAN LUCA ACADEMY, being also its first director. This was the first artists’ association in the world, born under the assumption of elevating their work beyond simple craftmanship. Pure vionaries.
St Luke‘s Academy was born and an emblem. Its crest is a triangle composed by the three principal instruments of the arts: a paintbrush for painting, a chisel for sculpture, and a compass for architecture. Exactly all that one will be able to see in the Perugia show starting in March.
Thanks again to Vittorio Sgarbi, Salvator Mundi, of hidden, distroyed or unattended 100 masterpieces, which were finally presented to the press instead of dying in museum werehouses. They will all be visible in Perugia for several months.
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